Illustration is able to transcend the limits of the written word. It is an art of opposites, an intricate dance between art and commerce that is created by people who find freedom in solving visual riddles and in filling dictated space with inventiveness, creativity and added value.
Each illustrator brings a different perspective, vision and idea to play that, when married with great design, becomes an original art form. Illustration brings spontaneity, freshness and a unique point of view to the design of content. It helps to communicate both simple and complex messages while enhancing a design through the unique vision and skill of the selected illustrator. When a designer selects an illustrator to use, he or she is not only receiving the rights to reproduce the finished piece, but is also receiving the fruits of years of exploration and the development of an individual style. This individual style becomes the core of the product, the individual service offered and the asset that embodies the completed creative work. This intellectual and creative property is no different from other proprietary business products and services. It is developed and protected to enhance the value of the finished user.

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